I Guess I'm Floating Video Premiere | Sur Back: “Jane Eyre”

The debut music video from Florida based electronic artist Sur Back is every bit as ambitious as the track that accompanies it. Directed by Derek Mitchell, it’s a mysterious thriller that relies on non-linear storytelling to create a sense of suspicion and unease. It doesn’t start off that way – and that’s probably the most impressive bit of the twist right there. After readying herself in a mirror, Sur Back’s Caroline Sans steps into the back seat in a station wagon. It’s odd but doesn’t immediately set off any alarms; it’s not until the unbuckling of the seatbelt and her attempts to get out of the car while it’s still in motion that you realize something is very clearly wrong. And that’s where the narrative splinters and obscures itself. What is real? What is fantasy? What is happening? These are the questions that spring to mind as the video barrels forward.

The video takes a lot of its cues from “Jane Eyre” – the lead single from Sur Back’s forthcoming record Kitsch. Its stuttering melodies and asymmetrical rhythms create a sort of natural tension that the video feeds off of. Sans’ vocal affections, similar to Olga Bell and Regina Spektor, also add to the dreamy quality. It’s a track that almost calls for some big artistic statement befitting of its quiet grandeur and luckily Sans paired up with just the right people to see that come to fruition.