Jupiter, Florida’s Caroline Sans — aka Sur Back — is set to drop her new Kitsch EP this Friday, but you can stream the whole thing now: it’s a self-assured debut featuring 4 tracks of dreamy, vibrantly produced art-pop, including a newly remastered version of the aforementioned stunner “Trophy Daughter” that sounds particularly massive. Listen below, and get Kitsch July 1st on iTunes:

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The 405: Check out Sur Back's dizzying 'Trophy Daughter' video

One month before the unveiling of her debut independent EP Kitsch, 22-year-old Florida artist Caroline Sans, better known as Sur Back, has shared a video for 'Trophy Daughter'.

The spinning pastel style of the video manages to capture the wave of sound Sans corroborates on her upcoming release. Heavy with an experimental ambient pop twitch, Sans corrals herself somewhere along the lines of Charlift's Caroline Polachek and St. Vincent on the single, perfectly compressed for a sweltering summer.

On the work, she writes: "'Trophy Daughter' was born out of a coming-of-age type narrative, and on the surface, it might seem like just a personal celebration of femininity and aspiration. But I really strove to make a palatable pop song that uses its accessibility to further the idea of a completely inclusive feminine spectrum - one that rebrands the caring, maternal archetype so that women not only celebrate themselves, but use the successes of their personal feminism to nurture social movements that currently have less support."

Watch the new video for 'Trophy Daughter' below and look out for Sur Back's Kitsch EP, arriving July 1st.

My Old Kentucky Blog: Watch Sur Back’s New Video for “Trophy Daughter”

Sur Back, the moniker of Jupiter, Florida’s Caroline Sans, enchanted us with her dark-tinged pop songs “Jane Eyre” and “Occam’s Razor” way back in 2014 with the expectation of her debut EP to come sometime in 2015. While that did not occur, we are extremely stoked that Sans has officially announced her debut EP, titled Kitsch, will be seeing the light of day on July 1st. With the announcement comes new song “Trophy Daughter” along with a self-directed visual companion. Unlike the previously mentioned songs which cut sharply, “Trophy Daughter” has more of a woozy, forlorn quality percolating throughout it intricately layered instrumentation. The song is another excellent addition to her already promising catalog.


Jupiter, Florida’s Caroline Sans, aka Sur Back, is set to release her gorgeous debut EP Kitsch next month, and we’re psyched to premiere the video for her exquisite new single. The ambitious and hypnotically woozy “Trophy Daughter” is her loftiest (and best) song yet, with Caroline’s striking vocals warranting all of the inevitable St. Vincent comparisons, and that crucial breakbeat anchoring the track’s eerie, upwardly swirling ethereal pop vibes. Caroline says of her self-directed video for the song:

“Trophy Daughter” was born out of a coming-of-age type narrative, and on the surface, it might seem like just a personal celebration of femininity and aspiration. But I really strove to make a palatable pop song that uses its accessibility to further the idea of a completely inclusive feminine spectrum – one that rebrands the caring, maternal archetype so that women not only celebrate themselves, but use the successes of their personal feminism to nurture social movements that currently have less support.”

Sur Back’s Kitsch EP is out July 1.

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Sur Back 2015 Tour Announcement: Dingus on Music

Sur Back, of Jupiter, Fl (a real place), lays claim to ‘breakbeat baroque-pop meets New Wave chanson + converses in fuzz guitar.’ While this quirky elevator pitch impresses, Sur Back’s incredible expressiveness and sense of dynamics, used to mix fractured electronics and pop sensibilities, impress even more. One could call her a successor to St. Vincent, openly inspired by the artpop songstress even before the latter released her S/T record, which indie crowds as well as the Grammys lauded with praise. And one would not be wrong. On Sur Back’s first single, ‘Jane Eyre,’ she enraptures listeners with a dreamlike opening sequence… which quickly melts into anxious pondering over a thudding 13/8 drum machine. Brass hits underscore the drama of ‘Jane Eyre’ as she stumbles and interjects with a nervous lack of inhibition, and a desperation, taking listeners by the shoulders as she gasps, ‘I cannot save you, so how can you look at me that way?’ In her second and most recent single, ‘Occam’s Razor,’ she arrives crooning. She says, ‘here we are, you’re not alone,’ and wanders around in claustrophobic drum machines and lush synths. By the end of song, however, she decides to run away with her electric guitar into pop anthem climax. Both singles, available together as a gorgeous velvet, flowers, and pistachio-scented CD package here, foreshadow a potentially great Sur Back debut record (coming soon, allegedly). Like the singles, it will boldly marry non-traditional songwriting/instrumentation with pop sensibilities. Until its release though, fulfill your need for ambitious artpop by seeing Sur Back on her first East Coast tour, with South Florida tourmate Jude, starting June 23rd.

by Manny Ignacio for Dingus on Music

I Guess I'm Floating Video Premiere | Sur Back: “Jane Eyre”

The debut music video from Florida based electronic artist Sur Back is every bit as ambitious as the track that accompanies it. Directed by Derek Mitchell, it’s a mysterious thriller that relies on non-linear storytelling to create a sense of suspicion and unease. It doesn’t start off that way – and that’s probably the most impressive bit of the twist right there. After readying herself in a mirror, Sur Back’s Caroline Sans steps into the back seat in a station wagon. It’s odd but doesn’t immediately set off any alarms; it’s not until the unbuckling of the seatbelt and her attempts to get out of the car while it’s still in motion that you realize something is very clearly wrong. And that’s where the narrative splinters and obscures itself. What is real? What is fantasy? What is happening? These are the questions that spring to mind as the video barrels forward.

The video takes a lot of its cues from “Jane Eyre” – the lead single from Sur Back’s forthcoming record Kitsch. Its stuttering melodies and asymmetrical rhythms create a sort of natural tension that the video feeds off of. Sans’ vocal affections, similar to Olga Bell and Regina Spektor, also add to the dreamy quality. It’s a track that almost calls for some big artistic statement befitting of its quiet grandeur and luckily Sans paired up with just the right people to see that come to fruition.

Impose: SUR BACK, “OCCAM’S RAZOR” { Drawing on New Order and St. Vincent in equal measure. }

Caroline Sans has been making lush home recordings in Jupiter, Florida as Sur Back, a moniker incorporating the Turkish word for “steer” or “lead” and implicating an intricate narrative that speaks to the sharp vision of its creator. Freshly 21 years old, Sans has cultivated a sound that belies her years, a careful blend of New Wave-inspired electropop and baroque pop with plenty of intermittent electric guitar licks. She’s offered up a dazzling new track from her forthcoming debut full-length Kitschafter the self-release of her first single earlier this year.

“Occam’s Razor” smoothly crosses over from cool minimalist synthpop into something much more searing. It mashes growling synth sounds and pops of percussion with a glistening guitar line that expands out into bright, warm layers. Meanwhile, there’s Sans’s voice, gripping from the moment it comes into play, both smooth and jarring like Annie Clark’s but perhaps even more jolting at times. Sans has said of her music that she hopes it will lead listeners “back to their own moments of peace or joy, or make them suddenly understand their own thoughts as well as the thoughts of their neighbors.” Hardly an unreasonable hope—listening to Sur Back is a lucid, immersive experience. We can expect Kitsch sometime in 2015; until then, here’s hoping the compulsive repeat plays tide us over.


OurVinyl Rising Star: Sur Back

Rising Star is a recurring column written by Dylan Tracy, contributor. It consists of an interview and an exclusive premiere. Today’s feature is on Caroline Sans, or Sur Back, her solo art pop project, and her new video for her first single, “Jane Eyre.”

Caroline Sans is a magician. Google her solo moniker’s name, and you’ll find her SoundCloud, where you can be transported to another realm by her enchanting, clever art pop. However, she doesn’t have albums or even an EP, but she has two singles, one cover, and a few demos. “Jane Eyre,” the lead single from her upcoming 2015 album (no date has been scheduled yet) Kitsch, unfurls and gyrates with distinctly incredible passion that comes off as a deeply in-tune tone, thumping at 13 beats a measure. Everything about Sur Back sounds ready for thousands and thousands to engorge upon, and her latest single, “Occam’s Razor,” only furthers that ambitious statement. Downtempo, but surreally evocative, the latter track evokes a certain stroke of genius. And while we wait for Kitsch to writhe into the sunlight and wrap us all together, here’s the stunning, gorgeous video for “Jane Eyre,” directed by Derek Mitchell and Tatiana Cardenas.

I hope the holidays were a splendid time for you! I got a bunch of good records. What did you get for Christmas?

That sounds great! Hmm, I got some clothes and jewelry, money towards my dream amp …oh, and somebody wrote me a song!

As far as Sur Back goes, it’s all you, correct? You play all the instruments?

I do! I play guitar, sing, and play MIDI sometimes live, and I make the arrangements/samples beforehand. It started out really primitive, just recording straight into a loop pedal and then moving the tracks into Garageband, but I started using Ableton and Waves about a year ago, and now I’m really getting into composing with winds and brass on this latest one!

How long have you been writing music for the moniker Sur Back?

I started writing music in high school, but I settled on the moniker in my first year of college.

Your debut album, titled Kitsch, is reported by Impose as being released “sometime in 2015.” Is there a more specific date for release yet?

Haha, I would love there to be, but everything is really up in the air right now and I’m not sure if I’ll be releasing the album independently or not. I spend a lot of time fantasizing about how good it will feel when it’s finally out!

Are you a fan of St. Vincent? I find you both similar in many fundamentals. You’re music pulses like hers – artsy, catchy, and gorgeous. I was just a little curious, haha.

I think I’m her number one fan! I cried after I met her, wrote her a super embarrassing card and everything. She’s definitely my heaviest contemporary influence, so much so that I have to remind myself to push my songs a bit away from her sound every so often.

“Jane Eyre” floors me every single time I hear it, and of the 3,600 plays on SoundCloud, I’m sure I’m at least 500 of them. Where does that song come from?

Thank you so much! That song is exciting for me in a lot of ways. It puts some of those long hours in literature classes to use, it was the first song produced for “Kitsch” that really sounded like I wanted it to, and I loved that I started writing on 13 beats per measure and ended up with a pop song. I can’t wait for the video to come out and show it in a whole new light!

Your cover of New Order’s “Age Of Consent” is really incredible, and I usually hate New Order covers. But I have to ask, Joy Division or New Order?  

Well I’m glad I could bend your blasé a bit! New Order all the way.

What was the last album that you purchased? How was it?

Lydia Ainsworth’s Right From Real. It’s practically a dream–if you like orchestral, glitchy pop you have to check it out.

Written by Dylan Tracy

OurVinyl | Contributor