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"...while standing on a hummock about seventeen feet high, and looking to the east, I had observed the upper limb of the sun...of the most brilliant emerald colour, a phenomenon which I had not witnessed before in these regions."   — Sir George Back

Sur Back  is the experimental pop brainchild of former Florida ballerina, Caroline Sans. A talented manipulator of both her voice and live performance, Caroline's influences can be heard as clearly as the delicate layers of guitar, vocals and bass in her tracks. Caroline draws the name of her moniker from a natural phenomenon described as "the green ray," first observed  by Arctic explorer Sir George Back. The green ray is also said to be a philosophical phenomenon: a moment of epiphany where your thoughts, and the thoughts of those around you are perfectly understood—a heavy struggle that plays a clear role throughout Caroline's tracks. The "Sir" was changed to "Sur" to imply the Turkish translation of "sur"—"steer"— in hopes her music will "steer back" its listeners to epiphanies of their own.

Trophy Daughter



Jane Eyre

Producer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor : Derek Mitchell

Producer / Art Director / Title Designer : Tatiana Cardenas




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